Attila Saygel and Lorenz Schreiber
are associated architects since 2005.

Attila Saygel, Lorenz Schreiber & Silvia Gioberti associated since 2017.

Team 2023 right to left: Attila Saygel, Silvia Gioberti, Lorenz Schreiber, Manuel Schubbe

Team Photo: Fabian Schubert


Saygel, Schreiber & Gioberti GbR

Schwedter Str. 34a
10435 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 2064 7973
Fax.: +49 30 2064 7915
e.: mail[at]

Ust.-IdNr. DE 243921627

The Studio

We are an Art Production and Consulting Office in Berlin.

For more than ten years we have been realizing works of art, individual and custom-made products as well as presentation and information objects in our workshops with our partner companies.

We plan complex structures, mobile, dismountable or permanently installed in different materials, from steel to textile, from programming to lighting.
We design and assemble exhibitions and installations in private and public spaces.

Through many years of cooperation with our partner companies, we are in a position to quickly create cost estimates and ultimately a binding offer as the project progresses.

We are happy to accompany your design process at an early stage to successfully lead your project to a well-feasible and functioning result.


Julieta Aranda: Yesterday/ tomorrow

Biennale, Venice, 2011



Materials: Styrofoam, plaster, varnish

Cosima von Bonin: If? If?

Galerie Buchholz, Köln, 2008


Production, Assembly

Materials: wood, steel

John Bock: Genio di Palermo

Palermo, 2005


Workshop for Students of the Palermo Art School

Julieta Aranda: If you tell the story well, it will not have been a comedy

Kunstverein Arnsberg, Arnsberg, 2010


Planning and Production of flourescent sandclock and sandclock holder

Materials: Steel, cables, controll unit

Julieta Aranda: Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick

Gallery Michael Janssen, Berlin, 2008


Planning, production

Julieta Aranda: Present Future

Artissima - International Fair for contemporary Art,  Turin, 2007


Planning, production

Materials: Wood, Steel, Acrylic Glass, Dust, controll unit, Air and Filter System


Presented by Gallery Michael Janssen

Cosima von Bonin: Là où je n'existe pas

Le Printemps de Septembre á Toulouse, Toulouse, 2009


Planning, Production,Assembly of the exhibition

Cosima von Bonin: Plastik und Reis

Documenta 12, Kassel, 2007


Planning, Assembly

Materials: polystyrene, foil

Cosima von Bonin: Miss Riley (Loop #2)

Petzel Gallery, New York, 2006


Design, Production

PVC, fibergals reinforced plastic

Cosima von Bonin: Miss Riley (Loop #2)

Galerie Neu, Berlin, 2008


Design, Production and Restauration

Materials: PVC, Fibreglas reinforced plastic

John Bock: Antonin Artaud

Frac/Paca, Marseille, 2005


Production, Assembly 

John Bock: Zero Hero

Biennale Venice, 2005


Assembly, partial Production and Documentation of the lecture 

John Bock: Meechfever (Milchfieber)

Berlin, 2004


Props and Production of the movie.

Materials: Video 39'35 min.

John Bock: Documenta 11

Kassel, 2002


Artproduction, Assembly of the artwork

Monica Bonvicini: BUILT FOR CRIME

Biennale Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, 2006


Planning, Production, Assembly

Materials: Laminated sheet glass, Lightbulbs, Sockets, steel wires, cables, DMX-controll unit

Monica Bonvicini: I believe in the skin of things as in that of women

Museion, Bozen, 2008


Consultancy, Production Supervision

Monica Bonvicini: Treppe

Gallery Max Hetzler, Berlin, 2011



Materials: Styrofoam, Acrylic mirrors


Gallery Max Hetzler, 2010



Materials: Stainless Steel, Steel, Glass, Wood

Monica Bonvicini: Prozac

Gallery Max Hetzler, Art Basel Miami, 2009



Björn Dahlem: Utopia Planetia II

Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2004


Assembly of the artwork

Björn Dahlem: Schwarzes Loch / Black Hole

ZKM Karlsruhe, 2005


Production, Assembly

Materials: Wood, Screws, various other items.

Björn Dahlem: Schwarzes Loch / Black Hole

Hamburger Kunsthalle, 2005


Production, Assembly

Materials: Wood, Screws, various other items.

Jeremiah Day: Krakersmonument (Squatter's Memorial)

Amsterdam, 2009


Planning, Design of Solar system, Production

Materials: Powder coated steel, solar cells, MP3 system

Carsten Höller: PHI TV

Gallery Air de Paris, Paris, 2007


Technical planning and production

Carsten Höller: Zoellner Stripes

Gallery Air de Paris, Paris, 2007


Planning, Wallpaper Production

Carsten Höller: Swinging Corridor

Mason Rouge, Paris, 2012


Planning, Production, Assembly 

Materials: Styrofoam, Wood, Adhesives, Steel ropes


Carsten Höller: Zoellner Stripes

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo 2006



Carsten Höller: Zoellner Stripes

Une exposition a Marseille, MAC Marseille 2004


Exhibition coordination and assembly

Michael Krebber: Die Hundejahre sind vorbei

Edition für die Städelschule, Frankfurt a.M., 2010



Materials: Aluminium, Neon

Michael Krebber

Green Naftali Gallery, N.Y., 2008


Planning, Production, Assembly of the exhibition

Warren Neidich: Your mind resists my minds resistance

SPAN, Rotterdam, 2010


Planning and Production

Materials: sandblasted mirrors

Gitte Schäfer: The raven is dead

Galerie Kirkhoff, Kopenhagen 2005


Exhibition assembly

Dirk Skreber: KUNST IM HEIM

Gallery Capitain Petzel, Berlin, 2008


Planning, Production of Earth cube

Materials: Earth.

Monica Sosnowska: KUNST IM HEIM

Gallery Capitain Petzel, Berlin, 2008

Materials: various plaster materials

Planning, Production

Danh Vo: Exhibition

Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery Berlin, 2007


Planning, Production, Assembly

Various materials.

Klaus Weber: Breeder

ICA, London, 2007


Planning, Production

Materials: Steel, Glass, customized screws

Klaus Weber: The Big Giving

Hayward Gallery, Southbank Center, London, 2007


Production and Restauration of blast furnace slag sculptures

Materials: Various

A&B face2net GmbH

"Komm mach Mint"

MdF, Powdercoated steel, Acrylic sheets, Rubber, printed Textiles

Planning, Production


Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Bildung, Berlin, 2010 - 2011.


Planning, Production

Materials: Aluminium, Powdercoated Steel, Magnetic sheets.


Client: A&B Face2Net GmbH

Cosima von Bonin: Tropenhelm

Art Basel, 2010


Planning, Production

Various Materials


Presented by Daniel Buchholz Gallery

Michael Krebber: HERR KREBBER

Pubertät in der Lehre, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2008


Planning, Production

Materials: Steel, PVC, Alu Dibond

Cosima von Bonin: Löwe im Bonsaiwald

Documenta 12, Kassel, 2007


Planning, Assembly

Materials: Folienplots

Warren Neidich: Resistance is fertile / futile

SKOR Rotterdam, 2011/12


Consultancy, technical support

Warren Neidich: Acceptable difference

Belgrade, 2011


Planning and Production


Warren Neidich: Infinite regress

Galerie Magnus Müller, Berlin 2008


Planning, Production

Materials: raw steel structure, sliding doors systems, coloured laminated glass sheets

Monica Bonvicini: Don´t miss a sec

Publiek, Rotterdam, 2007


Consultance, Technical Supervision, Reproduction

Cosima von Bonin: The Abyss

Petzel Gallery, New York, 2006


Planning and Production

Materials: wood, varnish, paint

Cosima von Bonin: Hütte

Petzel Gallery, New York, 2006


Planning, Production

Materials: steel, wood, weels


Berlin, 2015


Production of two Wall Designs

Materials: black rope, crude steel.


Office Machines, 2014


Galerie Capitain Petzel, Berlin


steelworks and electronics